Fixed inductors are commonly used electronic components used for storing and releasing electrical energy, as well as filtering out high-frequency noise in circuits. They have wide applications in various electronic devices and systems such as communication equipment, computers, automotive electronics, industrial control, etc. With the continuous development of electronic technology, the types and models of fixed inductors are constantly increasing and updating. Below are some popular fixed inductor product models.1. 0603 Fixed Inductors 0603 fixed inductors are common surface mount inductors with dimensions of 0.06 inches x 0.03 inches. They have the advantages of small size, light weight, and low power loss, making them suitable for high-density circuit board designs. Common 0603 fixed inductor models include LQH31CN100K03L, LQH31HNR10K03L, LQH31HNR10K03L, etc.2. 0805 Fixed Inductors 0805 fixed inductors are another common surface mount inductors with dimensions of 0.08 inches x 0.05 inches. They have a wider range of inductance values and power capacity, suitable for medium power applications. Common 0805 fixed inductor models include LQH43CN100K03L, LQH43HNR10K03L, LQH43HNR10K03L, etc.3. 1206 Fixed Inductors 1206 fixed inductors are larger surface mount inductors with dimensions of 0.12 inches x 0.06 inches. They have higher power capacity and a wider range of inductance values, suitable for high-power applications. Common 1206 fixed inductor models include LQH66CN100K03L, LQH66HNR10K03L, LQH66HNR10K03L, etc.4. 2520 Fixed Inductors 2520 fixed inductors are even larger surface mount inductors with dimensions of 0.25 inches x 0.20 inches. They have higher power capacity and a wider range of inductance values, suitable for ultra-high power applications. Common 2520 fixed inductor models include LQH88CN100K03L, LQH88HNR10K03L, LQH88HNR10K03L, etc.5. High-Frequency Fixed Inductors High-frequency fixed inductors are specifically designed for high-frequency circuits, with high quality factor and frequency response. Common high-frequency fixed inductor models include LQG15HSR10J03D, LQG18HNR10J03D, LQG18HNR10J03D, etc.In general, there are many types and models of fixed inductors, and users can choose the appropriate products based on specific application requirements. When selecting fixed inductors, factors such as inductance value, power capacity, size, frequency response, etc., need to be considered to ensure stable and reliable circuit performance. Hopefully, the introduction of popular fixed inductor product models above can provide reference for everyone in electronic design and application.
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A fixed inductor sensor is a sensor used to measure inductance values, commonly used in industrial automation control systems. The product features of fixed inductor sensors mainly include the following aspects:1. High stability: Fixed inductor sensors are made of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, providing high stability and reliability. During long-term use, the performance of fixed inductor sensors does not change significantly, ensuring the accuracy of measurement results.2. High accuracy: Fixed inductor sensors have high measurement accuracy, accurately measuring inductance values. Through precise circuit design and calibration, fixed inductor sensors can achieve high-precision inductance measurement, meeting the requirements of different application scenarios.3. Fast response time: Fixed inductor sensors have a fast response time, detecting changes in inductance values promptly. In industrial control systems, fixed inductor sensors can quickly provide feedback on changes in inductance values, enabling real-time monitoring and control.4. Strong durability: Fixed inductor sensors are made of materials that are resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, providing strong durability. Fixed inductor sensors can work stably for a long time in harsh working environments, less affected by external environmental factors.5. Easy installation: Fixed inductor sensors are usually designed with standardization, making installation quick and easy. Users only need to follow the instructions for simple installation and connection, enabling quick deployment.6. Multiple specifications to choose from: Fixed inductor sensors offer multiple specifications and models to choose from, meeting the needs of different application scenarios. Users can select the appropriate fixed inductor sensor based on specific measurement requirements and environmental conditions, achieving optimal measurement results.In summary, fixed inductor sensors have product features such as high stability, high accuracy, fast response time, strong durability, easy installation, and multiple specifications to choose from, suitable for inductance measurement applications in various industrial automation control systems. By selecting the right fixed inductor sensor, users can achieve precise inductance measurement, improving production efficiency and product quality.
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